Version 2.0 now released!

A new version of Logmystay has now just been released! Basically, the back-end code has been re-written from scratch and completely revised to make it more reliable, while the front-end has been slightly enhanced as well to improve the global user experience.

The most noticeable changes are the following:

  • Global security improvements and loading times of most of the pages reduced (up to 50% faster)
  • Database optimisation in order to cope with an increasing number of stays
  • Improved design for larger screens
  • Brand new dashboard
  • New data to be added to your stays (price of the stays and new aspects to rate)
  • New points system used to rank all the users
  • Two new charts added (hotel chains and price vs number of nights)
  • 9 new awards and 8 new achievements
  • Bulk stay editing from the two stays tables
  • Possibility to login using Google and/or Twitter, along with Facebook
  • Enhanced Tripit importation process
  • Moving from Google Maps to Mapbox
  • New notification system
  • New more modern icon
  • Less ads for everyone
  • Possibility to import a custom CSV file
  • French and Spanish translation available as well

If you find any translation error/bug, do not hesitate to contact us directly using the contact form of your account and, of course, feel free to let us know any suggestion you might have. We hope you like this update! 🙂

Public launch of Logmystay!

After almost six months of hard work, we have released the first version of Logmystay today. We are the newest (and as far as we know, only) personal stay logger available, allowing you to keep track of all your stays, to analyze your travel history and receive fun facts, personalized and interactive statistics, along with charts and maps.

Logmystay main screenshots

Once your account has been created, you will discover on your account different pages that you can explore.

  • Dashboard. Your dashboard is the main page of your account. You can discover all the best elements of the stays that you logged, such as fun facts about your travels, a map of all your stays, and the chart of the month.
  • Add a stay. The only required data is the name of the resort you stayed in. The rest is completley optional and up to you. Adding data has never been so much fun!
  • Charts. Discover our 20+ charts and embrace the data of your account in the blink of an eye. Filter and play with your data for as long as you want!
  • Maps. We have fully integrated Google and vector maps to show you where you’ve already been, and to help you start planning where to go next for your next trip.
  • Awards. Discover the awards you’ve earned so far by traveling, and get to know your personal ranking. Start challenging your friends as well as our community, and try to get to the top of the rankings!
  • Settings. In this page, you can manage all the main parameters of your account. You can also import and export your personal stays in this page, to make sure not to loose any data and/or to share your stays with friends or family members who traveled with you.

Logmystay is completely free to use, and accessible from all kind of devices, so that you can log your stays at home or on the go. To start using this stay logger, all you have to do is register with us and start traveling. Once the first step done, your travels are far from over : come back again and log your stays on your account. That’s it! See you soon on your account.