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Keep track of your travel history
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fun facts, stats, charts and maps.

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First of all, get on a car, a train or a plane and start traveling around the globe, alone or with companions.

your stays

After that, once back home, add in this website the data about the resort(s) of your trip.

your statistics

Then, remember your journey with your personalized and interactive fun facts, maps and charts.

your friends

Finally, climb to the top of the rankings by earning stars, achievements and points.

Ever wondered...?

How many countries have
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Special features
offered by Logmystay

Unique statistics

We offer you personalized fun facts, maps, statistics and unique charts, allowing you to study for example to analyze several aspects of your stays and your travel companions who travel with you.

Awards to earn

By travelling and by logging your stays, you can earn several different awards and achievements when reaching some milestones. Can you make it to the top of the rankings?

Maps integration

Different kind of interactive maps (Google, Mapbox maps, vector maps) are fully integrated to point out where you have already been and to help you plan the destination of your next trip.

Charts offered

Many charts of several different kinds are at your disposal to help you discover, filter and play with your personal statistics easily. Discover our 20+ charts today!

Mobile friendly

Check your stats and log your stays on mobile, tablet or any other kind of device. You can access our services from anywhere, even when you are traveling and away from home.

Data importation

You can import your data to your Logmystay account from your own custom CSV file and get started in just a few seconds, and export your stays easily to make sure never to loose any data.

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